What can you do with AdGeek?

Cart Abandoners

Show ads to cart abandoners

72% percent of all online shoppers abandon their carts. Reel them back in by re-targeting them with our dynamic Facebook ads

Product Viewers

Show ads to warm leads

Some people get as far as checking product details before getting distracted. Get another shot at closing the deal with ads targeted specifically at them.

Store Visitors

Show ads to store visitors

Hundreds of people discover your website in many different ways without making a purchase. Reach out to them again using AdGeek-powered Facebook ads.

How it Works?

Shopify Store

Connect Shopify Store

Connect your Shopify store to AdGeek in 1 click. This sets up a Facebook pixel on your store and automatically turns your inventory into a Facebook product feed.

Connect to Facebook

Connect to Facebook

Connect your Ad account and the Facebook page through which you want to create your Ads.

Create Ad

Create your Facebook Dynamic Ad

You can now easily create Facebook Dynamic Ads targeted at cart abandoners, warm leads, and website visitors.

Get More, Do Less

Increase and track your returns

Are you truly getting the most bang for your buck when you spend on Facebook? AdGeek helps you track and improve return-on-investment.

Easy set-up of Facebook pixel

Before you know it, your Facebook pixel will be installed and live on your shop. With AdGeek, the process is painless.

Automatically generate product catalog

Don’t go through the hassle of uploading your product catalogue to Facebook and manually updating when there are changes. We sync directly from your shop and ensure it is always up to date. You don’t have to do anything!

Cross-device Ad delivery

Reach people with ads on any device they use, regardless of the device they first used to visit your online store. Your Facebook ads will be optimized to offer the right ad experience on any device

Better targeting

AdGeek enables you to target the right audience in order to increase you conversion rate

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